Thursday, October 27, 2016

Deer Camp 2016

 photo IMG_4686_zpsdfcyo5o3.jpg
We had a great group this year and enjoyed a wonderful weekend together  photo IMG_4689_zpsrtck8sv9.jpg Uncle Lin and Todd proved once again they know how to fill the freezer  photo IMG_4680_zpsk8rhjs0s.jpg Great to have Dad back up on the pass with us this year. What a tradition he started.  photo IMG_4682_zpseylwuuk9.jpg Vanny and Bake scoping a 3 by.  photo IMG_4672_zpsuvyj1rve.jpg  photo IMG_4673_zpszcuwrjcm.jpg  photo IMG_4674_zpsyztsprge.jpg  photo IMG_0358_zps7cinbvnp.jpg  photo IMG_0359_zps96gxtrhc.jpg  photo IMG_4687_zpsr9uhukpg.jpg  photo IMG_0362_zpsx1byyiv8.jpg  photo IMG_0361_zpsn1qbtjq7.jpg  photo IMG_4669_zpsspqmlct5.jpg

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