Monday, October 3, 2016


 photo IMG_0355_zpsitzsc4u3.jpg Van, Matthew and I found ourselves in familiar territory this duck opener. It was nice to be back and we even found some ducks.  photo todd 10-1_zpswdsgpvfo.jpg Todd and party were the dead eyes today  photo todd 1 10-1_zpsfkpeqlfd.jpg Bake with the first 2 ducks of the year  photo Todd 3 10-1_zpscncm8xnw.jpg Traditional Big H Combo after the morning hunt  photo Todd4 10-1_zpsmmoaq0fm.jpg Cafe Rio after the Priesthood Session. My Favorite week of the year.

Monday, September 19, 2016

9-17-2016 San Juan Elk Hunt

 photo IMG_0340_zps9nz3apcw.jpg Spent a few days in the Blue Mountains in southeastern Utah hunting elk with friends.  photo IMG_4573_zpsxczbdjud.jpg The scenery this time of year was awesome.  photo IMG_4574_zpstwxyxzhd.jpg  photo IMG_4571_zpsi7herazi.jpg The days were filled with bugling elk and lots of hiking.  photo IMG_4572_zpsixpdsctt.jpg  photo IMG_4570_zpsxlagxc2u.jpg  photo IMG_4569_zps6bxbqceh.jpg  photo IMG_4575_zps9ydzomre.jpg  photo IMG_0352_zps3cf3vu5z.jpg Huge thanks to Oak Lane Outfitters for a great trip.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Billy Goat in the Tushars 9-10-2016

 photo goat_zps7gsdlxit.jpg Had a great time with good high school friends hunting a mountain goat east of Beaver Utah this weekend.  photo IMG_0286_zpsxlpffz1v.jpg Hunting at 12,000 feet is an amazing experience and tough on the lungs too.  photo IMG_0287_zpsz9ymxanl.jpg Here we are scanning the high country.  photo IMG_0282_zpshinkvhvc.jpg  photo IMG_0275_zps4hjmxssf.jpg Strategizing  photo IMG_0279_zpstrnxek1n.jpg The rocky mountain goat is truly a majestic animal.  photo IMG_0280_zpslkadmloc.jpg Oak Lane Outfitters Nate Thomas glassing up some Billies.  photo IMG_0276_zpsfrz7czzl.jpg  photo IMG_0291_zpsgaiqvbt6.jpg This is a picture of typical mt goat habitat. Steep and rocky  photo IMG_0301_zpsbgqorp0u.jpg Mr. Big Outdoors Tony Abbott is a great hunting guide and high school friend  photo IMG_0302_zpsrpigrkcb.jpg Mark Stephenson and Nate Thomas readying to pack the goat out.  photo IMG_0278_zpsjyef2b6p.jpg Being at 12,000 feet watching the sunrise once again confirms that God is real.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fall Fun 2016

 photo IMG_0273_zpskbqvqe09.jpg
Annual Beaver Dove Hunt

 photo IMG_4498_zps5bb0iubb.jpg Currant Creek  photo IMG_4479_zpsttigwqca.jpg South Fork  photo IMG_4459_zps4gyu9ixd.jpg Tomatoes  photo IMG_4452_zpspvul6xqo.jpg Nebo Creek Brookies

Monday, August 15, 2016

8-14-2016 Deer scouting

 photo IMG_4429_zpssa2iyt42.png Isn't she a beauty?  photo IMG_4430_zps7kpaqx2q.png I don't like snakes much but my curiosity got the best of me today.  photo IMG_4423_zps0cr0ufeb.jpg Nate Thomas (Oak Lane Outfitters) put my eyes on some dandy bucks  photo IMG_4433_zpsixhx50tr.png  photo IMG_4437_zpsm3pr3rwb.png  photo IMG_4435_zpslmul1oso.png

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7-16-2016 Scouting Trip

 photo IMG_4327_zpshl5i0sel.jpg Hit the trail in some great country this weekend to look for antlered critters  photo IMG_4323_zpsf4es1nmn.jpg This guy seemed to be sneaking a peek at us too  photo IMG_4326_zps8imd8ssz.jpg Great to be in the hills with Oak Lane Outfitters Nate Thomas. He can find them  photo IMG_4324_zps2pqwrad8.jpg These high country hogs saved us a few hours of hiking  photo IMG_4325_zpslkemz9gk.jpg Great to be in the cool high country

Monday, July 11, 2016

7-9-2016 Beaver warm up

 photo IMG_4294_zpsrlfz22dr.jpg Loaded up the dogs and guns and headed to Beaver to hunt some Eurasian Doves.