Friday, June 10, 2016

6-10-16 Bear Adventure

 photo IMG_4210_zps6fw4fohu.jpg Today Harriet and I went on a bear trapping adventure  photo IMG_4218_zps39yrnbu4.jpg She caught this yearling  photo IMG_4216_zps3nncaw5r.jpg We named her whinnie-put on a collar and maybe we'll see her again in the winter  photo IMG_4220_zpsn5wjyz9n.jpg Good times

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5-2-2016 May Trout

 photo IMG_4087_zpsukmjqo6f.jpg Harriet and I made it up on the Provo River for a little trout fishing  photo IMG_4086_zpswpydovv4.jpg

Monday, May 2, 2016

4-30-2016 bird island

 photo IMG_4080_zpsgcdwhs0y.jpg I love bird island. Its a wealth of fowl.  photo IMG_4078_zps4sqeuktu.jpg

Monday, April 25, 2016

4-23-2016 Annual Ice off at the Strawberry

 photo IMG_4026_zpselp2wrqi.jpg Nate Thomas (Oak Lane Outfitters) and I made the trek to the berry for a little ice off action. The weather produced more action than the fishing.  photo IMG_4048_zps1rfhxj1k.jpg  photo IMG_4024_zpsujt8i0no.jpg  photo IMG_4045_zpss2m1j5is.jpg

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Put on your hiking shoes for the Deer Hunt 10-16-2015

 photo IMG_0209_zpsnbhobocd.jpg We loaded our packs and headed to Windy  photo IMG_0205_zpsrzns0p4g.jpg We fueled up with the traditional double cheese burger basket from Ripps  photo IMG_0206_zpsmbqqwkrh.jpg Early on in the hike we were all smiles  photo IMG_0207_zpsjxcto484.jpg  photo IMG_0210_zpsjcf9jvuz.jpg Half way point break  photo IMG_0211_zpsob6egz8j.jpg Its a great feeling when you reach the top  photo IMG_0212_zpshamhykcf.jpg Clark Camp  photo IMG_0214_zpsh0psyzcl.jpg Opening morning was beautiful  photo IMG_0215_zpsmuxs0yek.jpg View from the top of the ridge  photo IMG_0216_zpsgo5bcovk.jpg Nate Dog Glassing Bucks  photo IMG_0217_zpsqttfdmwx.jpg Waiting on the bucks  photo IMG_0219_zpseq1cm4xi.jpg Uncles Jess and Lynn hiking hard  photo IMG_0221_zpskcv6nmnm.jpg Great to be in the mountains together  photo IMG_0222_zpsdvwdccve.jpg  photo IMG_0223_zpslokhijo1.jpg 2 of my 3 sons. We missed Maloy  photo IMG_0224_zpsykgfovma.jpg Uncle Lynn  photo IMG_0232_zpsacd2e54x.jpg The weather turned nasty and we packed it up.  photo IMG_0234_zpsgeinh6ec.jpg It was a wet deer hunt but always worth the hike and being together in these beautiful mountains

Monday, October 12, 2015

Perfect day at the Berry 10-09-2015

 photo IMG_3264_zps50r1uz57.jpg I love the fall at Strawberry and today was about perfect  photo IMG_3258_zpso1armufm.jpg The first 3 fish we caught were keeper rainbows  photo IMG_3257_zps3fku040d.jpg  photo IMG_3259_zpsqcxwc6ka.jpg We mixed in a few cutts as well  photo IMG_3260_zpsen7oydbw.jpg What a day