Monday, January 12, 2015

Ice on Fish on 1-09-2015

 photo IMG_2531_zpsa7a68572.jpg The ice at the berry finally came on and we hit it.  photo IMG_2524_zps5f0357cf.jpg Dad joined in for some fast cutthroat fishing  photo IMG_2522_zpscea26e33.jpg Once again Nate Thomas of Oak Lane Outfitters put us on the fish  photo IMG_2521_zps2bbcde49.jpg All cuts but this 1 rainbow  photo IMG_2529_zpsd86b3726.jpg We had a triple at one point

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 2014 at the Berry

 photo IMG_0154_zpsc1d86ca8.jpg With record breaking temps in December, Dad, Nate and I got out on the berry for one last time before ice up  photo IMG_0148_zps172feb2f.jpg Oak Lane Outfitters Nate Thomas put us on some late season beauties  photo IMG_0146_zps3d9ea16b.jpg We caught a couple big rainbows  photo IMG_0143_zpsfdf7a091.jpg And of course Cutthroats as well  photo IMG_0145_zps394ce5df.jpg Kiss and release  photo IMG_0144_zps8561e360.jpg My favorite part of the trip was the calm water

Sunday, November 30, 2014

2014 Thanksgiving activities

 photo IMG_64811_zps1e47d5b1.jpg This years turkey bowl was a great one. The experience and wisdom of the Cobras helped stop a 3 year losing skid  photo 877A0805_zps580a6f09.jpg Maloy played tuff his last bowl game for a couple years as we'll miss him next year while he is serving the Lord  photo 877A0837_zps126ed540.jpg Me doing a little juke and jive on nephew Al  photo 877A0872_zps91ef5651.jpg Uncle Jesse- the old guys MVP with the winning pick 6  photo 877A0912_zps288e5a77.jpg Bake had another good game for the young bucks and will be anchoring e Vipers for many years to come  photo 877A1009_zpsfcde62a8.jpg Jay Bird had his game face on all morning  photo 877A1020_zps9156082c.jpg Max Bizzle in action here and also got baptized 2 days later  photo FullSizeRender_zpsbadcd533.jpg  photo 877A1144_zps30ce78df.jpg Ruby Amis proving to all that the Turkey bowl is not just a boys activity  photo 877A1057_zps4d8ae417.jpg Tuff timer  photo 877A1151_zps56fe4add.jpg Uncle Lin came in to throw a couple TD's  photo 877A1243_zpsb83b223f.jpg Vanny and Bud were dueling all game long  photo 877A1259_zpsf3992a23.jpg Sure hands Bake  photo 877A1298_zpsc20ffdff.jpg Buggo was a tuff competitor this year but even Megatron couldn't pull out a win for the Vipes  photo 877A1460_zpsf4822748.jpg Davies with a key catch  photo 877A1657_zpsb9906c76.jpg Famous Amis showing how its done despite crossing that half century mark recently  photo 877A1668_zps74b281d8.jpg Christian showing proper qb form  photo 877A1678_zps7b03f940.jpg Cmon Rodge  photo 877A1684_zpsf65cb943.jpg Davis Amis definitely played up to his jersey  photo 877A1706_zps75411398.jpg LIN!!!  photo 877A1726_zpse51b081c.jpg BIZ!!!  photo 877A1719_zps3658f387.jpg It was a great game.  photo IMG_0137_zpsd9243d54.jpg Maloy, Van and I kept up the day after tradition  photo IMG_4464_zps2b523e5c.jpg And we started and new one as well  photo IMG_0121_zpsb8f3f9cf.jpg Book Cliffs hunt  photo FullSizeRendercopy_zpscbf26791.jpg It was great to have Wang Fei and Cindy with us for dinner. They hail from China  photo IMG_0129_zps1bb20647.jpg We have much to be grateful for. And then the sun went down.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The annual Clark Family Pilgrimage to Windy Pass 10-2014

 photo IMG_0105_zpsca2107ea.jpg I sure love this great group of hunters that I was able to spend the weekend with , photo IMG_0083_zpsc909bfce.jpg Tags were filled  photo IMG_20141018_182653_zps849f739c.jpg  photo IMG_0092_zps40b52414.jpg The BB gun brigade bagged a few game hens as well  photo IMG_0099_zps5ad9dea4.jpg Bake showed his bravery by picking a young bull moose's nose  photo FullSizeRender_zps50407709.jpg It was great to have Vanny back on the mountain with us. He and Amy D have some exciting plans in the works  photo IMG_2344-1_zps2102c864.jpg Uncle Andre and Nate Thomas of Oak Lane Outfitters really got us on the bucks  photo IMG_2338_zpsaee93783.jpg The next generation buck hunters  photo IMG_2343_zpsce83995c.jpg Maloy will be taking the next 2 years off from Windy Pass to serve the Lord. I sure will miss him.  photo IMG_0104_zpsc030ff03.jpg Grandpa telling campfire stories  photo IMG_0067_zps6e0ee97b.jpg Shingle Mill break  photo IMG_0085_zpsa4618054.jpg No shooting eyes out with these dudes  photo IMG_0090_zpsa6aa59de.jpg  photo IMG_0091_zps7efd7972.jpg photo IMG_0086_zpscf4aea62.jpg Bake with a loaded chicken burrito and a smile  photo IMG_0107_zps6036dddd.jpg Packed up and filling our water bottles for the hike down  photo IMG_0016_zps371083e9.jpg Goodbye to Heaven on Earth. We'll be back again next year  photo 10712853_10152413174018568_4329909279208073086_n_zps76348777.jpg a great duck opener too