Wednesday, August 13, 2014

8-9-2014 Electric Lake

 photo image2_zps236157b3.jpg Got up in the High Country today after some cutthroats and tigers  photo 2014-08-09103309_zps08bfa121.jpg  photo elake2_zps11de9f7f.jpg It was a cool 38 degrees at launch time.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Havasupai with the OH 2nd Priest 7-28 thru 8-2 2014

 photo IMG_1238_zps43260753.jpg High Adventure at Havasupai Falls  photo IMG_1235_zps9fbf0e20.jpg  photo IMG_1230_zps6a046aac.jpg Great to have Maloy along  photo IMG_1229_zpsef0970f1.jpg  photo IMG_1222_zps4e607e43.jpg  photo IMG_1217_zps435a477a.jpg  photo IMG_1245_zps08f7f930.jpg photo IMG_1243_zpsa31230a5.jpg We had a great meeting with the missionaries in the chapel

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Somewhere over the rainbows 6-21-2014

 photo 2014-06-20163935_zpsb5b931c5.jpg We hooked up with OLO and his new Hemi and headed south to Otter Creek for a little camping and fishing  photo 2014-06-21045831_zpscb335da9.jpg The alarm went off at 5:45 and Matthew and Van were ready for lunkers  photo 2014-06-21093526_zpsfa329efa.jpg Bake got us on the board early with a nice rainbow  photo IMG_0011_zps5e927ff8.jpg I followed with a fatty  photo 2014-06-21094559_zps72f79bf4.jpg Great to have Van in the boat and his 1lb. bag of dills  photo 2014-06-21101532_zpsc7f05918.jpg He and Bake were quite the team  photo 2014-06-21082304_zps9ad418cc.jpg Fish on for Nate Thomas of Oak Lane Outfitters  photo 2014-06-21082111_zpsdde933f2.jpg  photo IMG_0005_zpsaa8fa05d.jpg BFOD's  photo IMG_0007_zps10de5f71.jpg A fine stringer  photo 2014-06-21114401_zps596552f8.jpg Pack it up  photo 2014-06-21114353_zps84dbd085.jpg  photo 2014-06-21112608_zps38c8a800.jpg  photo IMG_0015_zps0f48b0b9.jpg And then the sun went down

Monday, May 26, 2014

5-26-014 memorial weekend

 photo IMG_3407_zps249a34ea.jpg I spent some time at Utah Lake  photo IMG_1142_zps63e103fb.jpg Dad and Christian joined me for some channel cat  photo IMG_3429_zpsf2dd49ab.jpg and white bass action  photo IMG_3426_zps080deba2.jpg Dad knew just how to spit on his worm  photo IMG_1141_zpsa4985fa7.jpg rod bender  photo IMG_1140_zps9281d3f5.jpg Mr. Whiskers  photo IMG_3422_zps6d4eca79.jpg I caught my fair share too  photo IMG_3419_zps7f54771b.jpg A utah lake piranha  photo IMG_3418_zps32adb2dc.jpg Chief on Patrol  photo IMG_3413_zps7fae8005.jpg Little scoop too?  photo IMG_1144_zps2916c4e5.jpg Cemetery Pics  photo IMG_1145_zpsc85fef55.jpg  photo IMG_1146_zps416dd431.jpg  photo IMG_1147_zps7eb05c50.jpg It was quite memorable

Monday, April 21, 2014

High Cascade Snowmobiling 4-19-2014

 photo cleelum4_zps050989c7.jpg I had an incredible experience of snowmobiling in the Cascades East of Seattle this Saturday. It was beautimus  photo cleelum3_zps04fa498e.jpg The snow was perfect, the sky was blue and the mountains were unlike any I've seen  photo cleelum1_zpsdf04e15a.jpg Huge thanks to Jim Ames for the incredible experience and clinic on riding in the high country  photo cleeum4_zpsa646670b.jpg These guys really know how to do it right  photo cleelum2_zps42e38ab5.jpg I almost turned into a tree hugger while I was up here. NOT!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

4-8-2014 Ice Fishing in Short Sleeves

 photo hogfish1_zps866d4826.jpg With not many ice days left at the berry, Nate and I hit it and the lunkers did not disappoint.  photo hogfish6_zps177b65cd.jpg The Cutts were hungry  photo hogfish2_zps2ef57c7b.jpg And so were the rainbows  photo hogfish4_zps0b333bf4.jpg Nate checking his portfolio in short sleeves  photo hogfish3_zps43cf42b2.jpg Me finessing a slotbuster through the hole  photo hogfish5_zpse46c25fc.jpg Most fish caught were in the slot  photo hogfish7_zps4ebe1f7f.jpg But not all. It was a great day