Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Let her Burn 4-29-2017

 photo IMG_6952_zpsquclmkwr.jpg
We did some phragmite and weed burning this weekend at Bailey. It was fun.

 photo IMG_5178_zpsgurtczww.jpg  photo IMG_5177_zpsxlplqbb4.jpg  photo IMG_6940_zpst3jq8uxr.jpg  photo IMG_5173_zpsddvsse4m.jpg  photo IMG_6942_zps0027hxnr.jpg

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Farewell to the season 1-14-2017

 photo IMG_4946_zpswne2gqjh.jpg Its always sad to see the season go but it was good to us and it needs rest for next year.  photo IMG_4944_zpshiwxhmhr.jpg Van ended strong with a limit of green heads  photo IMG_4945_zpsllb57swn.jpg Best part of the season was introducing Keaton to the passion.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

-12 degree snow goose 1-7-2017

 photo IMG_0424_zps748re9aa.jpg Van, Keaton, Chief and I braved the sub zero temps this morning for a chance at some migrating waterfowl.  photo IMG_0423_zpsmftnxnnf.jpg Van bagged a lone snow goose.  photo IMG_0421_zpsuakgryy5.jpg It was cold  photo IMG_0414_zps3ous7rcs.jpg  photo IMG_0408_zpsbprpi5zv.jpg  photo IMG_0405_zpsxeggbsup.jpg  photo IMG_0404_zpsjqtpvvqj.jpg  photo IMG_0425_zpscxy5l0vm.jpg

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 holiday fun

 photo IMG_4896_zpslyzrndxe.jpg I always look forwarded each year meeting up with old PHS friends and family to play some basketball.  photo IMG_4875_zpsjvtikgcd.jpg Chachee and I went 2 fences deep into the safety netting at Soldier Hollow Sledding. We were flying.  photo IMG_4886_zpskigpbrep.jpg Had a great time snowmobiling in with good friend Rob Barrus  photo IMG_4895_zpsfjqzjvnn.jpg Had a fun duck hunt on new years eve

Monday, December 19, 2016

12-17-2016 Ducks and Elk

 photo IMG_0397_zpspezdigl7.jpg Keaton,Van and I had a fun duck hunt Saturday morning  photo IMG_0399_zps7ndvk7ht.jpg Van scored a bonus banded mallard  photo IMG_0401_zpsqd8ivt4i.jpg Chief always does his part  photo IMG_4852_zpsyc1jmda7.jpg We had some wonderful elk this week. Glad we got one this year.  photo IMG_4848_zpsmdsnsspw.jpg  photo IMG_4845_zpspt3obye3.jpg

Tuesday, December 13, 2016