Monday, April 21, 2014

High Cascade Snowmobiling 4-19-2014

 photo cleelum4_zps050989c7.jpg I had an incredible experience of snowmobiling in the Cascades East of Seattle this Saturday. It was beautimus  photo cleelum3_zps04fa498e.jpg The snow was perfect, the sky was blue and the mountains were unlike any I've seen  photo cleelum1_zpsdf04e15a.jpg Huge thanks to Jim Ames for the incredible experience and clinic on riding in the high country  photo cleeum4_zpsa646670b.jpg These guys really know how to do it right  photo cleelum2_zps42e38ab5.jpg I almost turned into a tree hugger while I was up here. NOT!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

4-8-2014 Ice Fishing in Short Sleeves

 photo hogfish1_zps866d4826.jpg With not many ice days left at the berry, Nate and I hit it and the lunkers did not disappoint.  photo hogfish6_zps177b65cd.jpg The Cutts were hungry  photo hogfish2_zps2ef57c7b.jpg And so were the rainbows  photo hogfish4_zps0b333bf4.jpg Nate checking his portfolio in short sleeves  photo hogfish3_zps43cf42b2.jpg Me finessing a slotbuster through the hole  photo hogfish5_zpse46c25fc.jpg Most fish caught were in the slot  photo hogfish7_zps4ebe1f7f.jpg But not all. It was a great day

Monday, February 24, 2014

2-22-2014 Berry expedition

 photo 2014-02-22225952_zps782eb6a2.jpg After a failed attempt a few weeks ago conditions improved and we had a great afternoon on the berry.  photo 2014-02-22170534_zpsd0d03009.jpg Dad AKA "Bill Shackleton" put a few fish on the ice  photo 2014-02-22155858_zpsb0276eea.jpg Great to have uncle Jim out there with us today. He's a master at fishing the berry  photo 2014-02-22151827_zps61ce288a.jpg Nate Thomas with the BFOD  photo 2014-02-22165254_zps5ccc99d4.jpg And the SFOD  photo 2014-02-22174046_zps5bd6b087.jpg The sun peeked its head in and out of the clouds  photo 2014-02-22230005_zps04d7ec7b.jpg The fish were active today and we all had a great time  photo 2014-02-22225957_zpsf0a5146f.jpg The sunset was spectacular  photo 2014-02-22162805_zpsbc51a930.jpg Shack again on the ice  photo 2014-02-22171530_zps0a1ae9c1.jpg  photo 2014-02-22230001_zpsddd185eb.jpg And then the sun went down

Monday, January 20, 2014

hail hail the gang's all here 1-18-2014

 photo 2014-01-18143827_zps05bb3269.jpg We hit the Berry for a great day of sun and fish  photo 2014-01-18111606_zps3cf024d6.jpg Matthew got us on the board early  photo 2014-01-18122648_zpsd8e6af49.jpg And then it was snow football. Lambeau has nothing on the berry  photo 2014-01-18122813_zpsb320b8e4.jpg Great back drop for a football game  photo 2014-01-18095535_zps9e1e3054.jpg Dad, Nate and Andre tending their poles  photo 2014-01-18122627_zps62249d28.jpg Dad wins the patience award

Wednesday, January 15, 2014