Monday, December 5, 2016

Cow Elk Hunt with Tons o Fun

 photo IMG_4810_zpsagfkavkc.jpg Van, Keaton, Nate and I headed into the snowy mountains this week in search of a cow elk.  photo IMG_4819_zps8rwjst5b.jpg Tons bagged a beauty  photo IMG_4821_zpsaut2wnjh.jpg We got the elk off the mountain just at dark and it turned cold  photo IMG_4816_zpssz0yhjx3.jpg The drag  photo IMG_4813_zps8emulmcp.jpg  photo IMG_4823_zpsdche4ri3.jpg Can wait for some smoked elk brisket Yum

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Turkey Day 2016

 photo IMG_4794_zpsrk87lyuf.jpg

It was another great game with Lambeau like conditions. The young bucks prevail. Love you uncle Rodge  photo IMG_0391_zpsa2byxcgh.jpg  photo IMG_0390_zps8uzebdyq.jpg  photo IMG_0389_zpsoksztptu.jpg  photo IMG_0375_zpspitdi2us.jpg  photo IMG_0373_zpsna6gf5ca.jpg  photo IMG_0392_zpsxde4xz8t.jpg  photo IMG_0393_zpsqpqqkeaz.jpg  photo IMG_0394_zpsa07yfqvj.jpg  photo IMG_0395_zpswdlzadfd.jpg

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hunting the Ringneck 11-5-2016

 photo IMG_4727_zpsztjljdiu.jpg We had a great time out in the field Saturday hunting pheasants.  photo IMG_4734_zpshrwabkyd.jpg Van would rather hunt ducks-so he did  photo IMG_4735_zpsiyaoep9e.jpg Norton Brothers  photo IMG_4740_zpsvlocnozx.jpg Great to have Tons out with us  photo IMG_4739_zpspuzvdaea.jpg Oak Lane Outfitters once again put us on the game we were after.  photo IMG_4737_zpsxba4cagk.jpg This could be the cover picture for my new book Titled "Happiness in the Outdoors"  photo IMG_4742_zpsyj7etb2s.png Uncle Lin and Luke proved to be a great team today.  photo IMG_4725_zps8mrintjv.jpg Every pheasant hunt requires a ride in the back of a truck.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Deer Camp 2016

 photo IMG_4686_zpsdfcyo5o3.jpg
We had a great group this year and enjoyed a wonderful weekend together  photo IMG_4689_zpsrtck8sv9.jpg Uncle Lin and Todd proved once again they know how to fill the freezer  photo IMG_4680_zpsk8rhjs0s.jpg Great to have Dad back up on the pass with us this year. What a tradition he started.  photo IMG_4682_zpseylwuuk9.jpg Vanny and Bake scoping a 3 by.  photo IMG_4672_zpsuvyj1rve.jpg  photo IMG_4673_zpszcuwrjcm.jpg  photo IMG_4674_zpsyztsprge.jpg  photo IMG_0358_zps7cinbvnp.jpg  photo IMG_0359_zps96gxtrhc.jpg  photo IMG_4687_zpsr9uhukpg.jpg  photo IMG_0362_zpsx1byyiv8.jpg  photo IMG_0361_zpsn1qbtjq7.jpg  photo IMG_4669_zpsspqmlct5.jpg

Monday, October 3, 2016


 photo IMG_0355_zpsitzsc4u3.jpg Van, Matthew and I found ourselves in familiar territory this duck opener. It was nice to be back and we even found some ducks.  photo todd 10-1_zpswdsgpvfo.jpg Todd and party were the dead eyes today  photo todd 1 10-1_zpsfkpeqlfd.jpg Bake with the first 2 ducks of the year  photo Todd 3 10-1_zpscncm8xnw.jpg Traditional Big H Combo after the morning hunt  photo Todd4 10-1_zpsmmoaq0fm.jpg Cafe Rio after the Priesthood Session. My Favorite week of the year.

Monday, September 19, 2016

9-17-2016 San Juan Elk Hunt

 photo IMG_0340_zps9nz3apcw.jpg Spent a few days in the Blue Mountains in southeastern Utah hunting elk with friends.  photo IMG_4573_zpsxczbdjud.jpg The scenery this time of year was awesome.  photo IMG_4574_zpstwxyxzhd.jpg  photo IMG_4571_zpsi7herazi.jpg The days were filled with bugling elk and lots of hiking.  photo IMG_4572_zpsixpdsctt.jpg  photo IMG_4570_zpsxlagxc2u.jpg  photo IMG_4569_zps6bxbqceh.jpg  photo IMG_4575_zps9ydzomre.jpg  photo IMG_0352_zps3cf3vu5z.jpg Huge thanks to Oak Lane Outfitters for a great trip.