Monday, September 19, 2016

9-17-2016 San Juan Elk Hunt

 photo IMG_0340_zps9nz3apcw.jpg Spent a few days in the Blue Mountains in southeastern Utah hunting elk with friends.  photo IMG_4573_zpsxczbdjud.jpg The scenery this time of year was awesome.  photo IMG_4574_zpstwxyxzhd.jpg  photo IMG_4571_zpsi7herazi.jpg The days were filled with bugling elk and lots of hiking.  photo IMG_4572_zpsixpdsctt.jpg  photo IMG_4570_zpsxlagxc2u.jpg  photo IMG_4569_zps6bxbqceh.jpg  photo IMG_4575_zps9ydzomre.jpg  photo IMG_0352_zps3cf3vu5z.jpg Huge thanks to Oak Lane Outfitters for a great trip.

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