Monday, February 24, 2014

2-22-2014 Berry expedition

 photo 2014-02-22225952_zps782eb6a2.jpg After a failed attempt a few weeks ago conditions improved and we had a great afternoon on the berry.  photo 2014-02-22170534_zpsd0d03009.jpg Dad AKA "Bill Shackleton" put a few fish on the ice  photo 2014-02-22155858_zpsb0276eea.jpg Great to have uncle Jim out there with us today. He's a master at fishing the berry  photo 2014-02-22151827_zps61ce288a.jpg Nate Thomas with the BFOD  photo 2014-02-22165254_zps5ccc99d4.jpg And the SFOD  photo 2014-02-22174046_zps5bd6b087.jpg The sun peeked its head in and out of the clouds  photo 2014-02-22230005_zps04d7ec7b.jpg The fish were active today and we all had a great time  photo 2014-02-22225957_zpsf0a5146f.jpg The sunset was spectacular  photo 2014-02-22162805_zpsbc51a930.jpg Shack again on the ice  photo 2014-02-22171530_zps0a1ae9c1.jpg  photo 2014-02-22230001_zpsddd185eb.jpg And then the sun went down

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Anonymous said...

couldn't ask for a better day! gotta love the berry. Nate