Wednesday, April 9, 2014

4-8-2014 Ice Fishing in Short Sleeves

 photo hogfish1_zps866d4826.jpg With not many ice days left at the berry, Nate and I hit it and the lunkers did not disappoint.  photo hogfish6_zps177b65cd.jpg The Cutts were hungry  photo hogfish2_zps2ef57c7b.jpg And so were the rainbows  photo hogfish4_zps0b333bf4.jpg Nate checking his portfolio in short sleeves  photo hogfish3_zps43cf42b2.jpg Me finessing a slotbuster through the hole  photo hogfish5_zpse46c25fc.jpg Most fish caught were in the slot  photo hogfish7_zps4ebe1f7f.jpg But not all. It was a great day


Darin D said...

Those are some seriously impressive fish...As good as I've ever seen you post on here!!

Jill Roberts said...

Truly a day to remember for you, Matt. The weather looks nice in the pictures and not to forget the catches. They are awesome.