Monday, January 20, 2014

hail hail the gang's all here 1-18-2014

 photo 2014-01-18143827_zps05bb3269.jpg We hit the Berry for a great day of sun and fish  photo 2014-01-18111606_zps3cf024d6.jpg Matthew got us on the board early  photo 2014-01-18122648_zpsd8e6af49.jpg And then it was snow football. Lambeau has nothing on the berry  photo 2014-01-18122813_zpsb320b8e4.jpg Great back drop for a football game  photo 2014-01-18095535_zps9e1e3054.jpg Dad, Nate and Andre tending their poles  photo 2014-01-18122627_zps62249d28.jpg Dad wins the patience award

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