Sunday, March 31, 2013

Knee How Ma 3-30-2013

 photo IMG_7137_zps2ebbb763.jpg Today I was able to show a co-worker from China a good time on the Berry  photo IMG_7146_zpsc24aa6c4.jpg Aaron Anderson and Nate came along too  photo IMG_7136_zps2c8549b4.jpg We caught Cutts  photo IMG_2019_zps9749f4bd.jpg And Rainbows  photo IMG_2014_zpsc63808f4.jpg Strawberry ice was still 2 feet thick  photo IMG_2022_zpsf3025852.jpg Plenty to take a snowmobile ride  photo IMG_7144_zps8babc7ed.jpg The Berry's finest

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Anonymous said...

you're a good foreign diplomat Matt