Sunday, April 7, 2013

Time to Say Goodbye 4-5-2013

 photo IMG_2058_zpsc301434d.jpg This morning we ice fished for the last time this season. It was a good send off photo IMG_2056_zps5252d871.jpg Nathan with the PFOD  photo IMG_2057_zps1cfdaca2.jpg Bird getting it done on the fat rainbows  photo IMG_2051_zpsc07793d9.jpg Im on the board  photo IMG_2050_zps597e539e.jpg Nate Dog had the hot hole  photo IMG_0516_zps9d4719a1.jpg Time to put away the ice tackle and get out the soft water stuff

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Anonymous said...

Gonna miss all of you holding up the catch of the day etc. Now you can start building my new garage.
Love all the fishermen on this blog!
your umi