Sunday, March 24, 2013

3-23-2013 scout campin

 photo DSC_1763_0142_edited-1_zpsb6450aa9.jpg The scouts of the Oak Hills 2nd ward enjoyed a fun overnighter up rock canyon. The snow fell and energy was released.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Bishop! You really are a he-man! You and that guy in the back with the big grin. I think I see a Matthew in there too. Love you to print out the names of everyone. I'll be waiting!

Matt said...

from left to right
Me, Noah Jones,Mason Taylor,Christian,Reagan Wright,Matthew Clark, Matthew Kendall,Cameron Sutter,Thomas Armond, Tom Lindgren(kneeling)Carter Norton,Paul Eden,Jonathon Eden,Trent Lindgren(kneeling), Riley Huang

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that!
Know some and don't know many-
I have some work to do.