Monday, February 18, 2013

Ode to Abe

 photo IMG_0556_zps66937ef6.jpg Today we honored GEE DUB and ABE at Fish Lake  photo IMG_0545-1_zps936e0dd0.jpg It was great to have Nate Peterson and his family on the ice with us photo 04D31445-B9AC-4B9D-9647-6F78CE526FF3-47807-00002C5F613B0D6E_zps717c6938.jpg Maloy and Chief awaiting the next strike photo 0A96D9C8-BAE6-4CC3-85CD-4A9B783F7ACB-47807-00002C5F66AAE7D8_zps9768f24c.jpg Nate Dawg and the dogs  photo IMG_0551-2_zps06f9b462.jpg Our bag consisted of Splake Trout photo IMG_0549-1_zpsfb0c16e1.jpg And Yellow Perch  photo IMG_0546_zpsce897c68.jpg It was a sun burn kind of day photo 64455587-3D5C-4230-8681-C166A599A5C4-47807-00002C5F6A6FC4DD_zpsb5746564.jpg Tank did some sunbathing with his arms crossed photo F6AA3E75-21E0-49E2-BDB2-9BEBD25C73D7-47807-00002C5F6DFDE5B9_zpsa3df336a.jpg Bake and Bug finishing off the day with baconators  photo IMG_0481_zps6ca5f2fb.jpg And then the sun went down

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