Monday, February 11, 2013

2-09-2013 Honey Hole

 photo E1EA4ADD-214C-4C90-8045-4E2E709754C5-38970-000023B1BB615654_zpse555fb32.jpg After the Klondike campout with the scouts, Nate and I stopped and did some winter fishing  photo 974A2BCE-6483-4714-AB43-FF56C51FB401-38970-000023B1C8AD88C9_zpsafd5c994.jpg My first Tiger trout  photo 0ACA8AA7-FF1D-4BF6-BA93-F042A68987C3-38970-000023B1D2B47ED8_zps1ec94c49.jpg Cutthroats too


Anonymous said...

Matt has dad ever told you about his friend Cordell Anderson? He hikes and fishes the Unitas and has a big hike this summer. He's 78 years old and going strong. You would love his story. Google Cordell Anderson.
your mom

jiss said...

Here's the link to stewarts blog:

I think we should plan a late august trip for when dad gets home. He'll need a nag though.

Big show said...

Your site is for sure worth bookmarking.