Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fishing in a Blizzard 2-23-2013

 photo IMG_0574_zps17bdb6fb.jpg Today we braved the snow and wind for a chance at some slimers photo IMG_0567_zpsd6374bc8.jpg Maloy with a fat rainbow photo IMG_0569_zps608e2c72.jpg Me with a tiger  photo IMG_0559-1_zpsb997e164.jpg Nate with a cutt  photo IMG_0578_zps9e38bc18.jpg Trout for the barbee  photo IMG_0571_zps480f7b9b.jpg It was a day that tested our minds and our bodies  photo IMG_0570_zpsa1cdebbc.jpg Did I mention Nate Dog had to get home for a HOT date  photo IMG_0562_zpsa12aba4c.jpg Maloy seeking refuge from the driving snow  photo IMG_0564_zps75dbde9c.jpg Tough day threading line through the eyelet  photo IMG_0561-1_zpsb9c45a9d.jpg When the fish are biting it doesn't seem so cold


dollycoug said...

Wow, you guys are die-hards! Those tiger trout are cool looking. Great to hear Nate had a hot date, there is a limit to how much those rainbows can fulfill in a mans life!

Matt said...

Give Nate a fish and make him happy for the day. Help him to find a wife and make him happy for eternity.

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I'm talking about-some fishin and some datin for my buddy Nate!
Everything else looked uncomfortable except for those lovely fish for the barby. Made my Missouri mouth water!
Love my boys!

Bernita Sloan said...

I say you're crazy, Matt! Braving the blizzard to go and get some fish is insane, but that's what made it more fun, right? Haha! I can see how you enjoyed it on your faces. We tried ice fishing before, but that was when winter's almost over, so the temperature is somewhat bearable. Somehow, whenever we would catch one, we forget about the cold. The feeling is so rewarding, wouldn't you agree? Bernita Sloan