Saturday, March 9, 2013

3-9-2013 Back to the Well

 photo 2DFBA2EF-C657-4BAF-B49C-4B5D24CFAE79-69879-000043D20C838EF2_zpsbad2cc84.jpg Sometimes when the fishing is so good in a spot its hard to go anywhere else. So back to that spot again  photo 26C4168D-F141-4863-A3A5-FFA1105B1EE6-69879-000043D20B82C549_zps0ce76736.jpg I was about quantity but Nate was fishing for quality  photo 826BE0C1-742E-4AA3-9E6D-F890F5638E2B-69879-000043D151FD3AA4_zps78fe7645.jpg Maloy made the trip as well (see in the background) but spent most of the time on the Vmax photo 90CA1F7C-92A6-4B0E-A05C-881D7CB089FD-69879-000043CFF40306B1_zps8d3f501a.jpg He had a Morp date to be back for  photo 08FA0423-400E-41AA-B19C-539CFB076C25-69879-000043D154EF6883_zps31731aa2.jpg Nate with his BFOD  photo FB01F3D4-9CCA-4DAE-A980-6BDECC8FCBE3-69879-000043D2152CEE75_zps38694a24.jpg And his new found "friend"  photo 03C6497E-C655-4923-8772-AE3E07454C79-69879-000043D208AC32D2_zpsc019ac2c.jpg I guess I'll hang with Chief as my 3 girlies all left me on a jet plane

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