Monday, February 4, 2013


 photo IMG_0523-1_zpsb2e70f8e.jpg Today we hit the Berry for some fun and sun  photo IMG_0509_zpsd0ce6b02.jpg The fish were hibernating  photo IMG_0505_zps1ee84c5e.jpg We coaxed a few through the ice hole  photo IMG_0506_zpsec1c534b.jpg Bizz, Bake and Bug  photo IMG_0510_zpsf1bd25d4.jpg We didnt hook a lot of fish but I think we hooked Max  photo IMG_0514_zpsa258058a.jpg The slow fishing quickly turned to football  photo IMG_0522-1_zps843b94ed.jpg The winner took a parade lap  photo IMG_0518_zps00c780ce.jpg It was one of those days


Anonymous said...

What's that guy at the end thinking about? A wife?

jiss said...

Great Pics. It was a heavenly day being with you all on that beautiful frozen lake. We are in whenever you go again!

Anonymous said...

yeah what is that guy at the end thinking about...?! ;) stay in the truck.