Sunday, January 27, 2013

Foggy Honkers 1-26-2013

 photo 42BB7031-7564-466E-AE31-134594C9DAC5-20625-0000137A22E9EE13.jpg A group of us decided to brave the fog and hunt some canada honkers  photo F8DAA6AF-4B9C-4950-8DA3-67B3DCBD9EEC-20625-0000137A2924151F.jpg Todd and Mike had some success  photo DA3C3E6B-C32F-46A0-83E6-4BCB655DBBF4-20625-0000137A265B17B1.jpg Maloy and I did as well  photo 8B0A33A1-5A6F-46D4-81BA-1CEDCDB5FCBD-20625-0000137A026ED58B.jpg It was thick as pea soup as we said goodbye to the 2012 Utah Waterfowl Season. Time to get out the ice fishing equipment.

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dollycoug said...

hope i get an invite on the ice - fish-on brad as well.