Sunday, January 20, 2013

Farewell To the Season in Sacramento

 photo FE0DD08E-8671-4768-88FD-500B79D35E0C-10204-000009790306B29D.jpg Spent a few days in the blind with the legend golfer Johnny Miller. We shot birdies  photo 91875DB5-8678-4CF1-8463-55D532AA803E-10204-0000097989F37B50.jpg Traveling this way sure beats the conventional way  photo IMG_0461_zps363bfc4f.jpg A day of Ducks and day of Geese shown here with Mike D  photo IMG_0441_zps80d24291.jpg Early morning decoy placement  photo IMG_0447_zpsb590f29c.jpg Our black lab Paco on a Speck retrieve  photo IMG_0443_zps9842a54f.jpg And a Snow too  photo BCA0D1AC-F13D-404C-BA13-19AC05DBCF04-10204-0000097935D199AA.jpg A trophy drake pintail  photo BE7520B8-D630-48D4-BD42-008AC5F0B710-10204-00000979126FA0B7.jpg I had lunch with Kevin Johnson the mayor of Sacramento and we talked about the kings, ducks and jimmer  photo 715B5214-51FC-4980-90A9-D3403BA53F53-10204-000009795A8C2F79.jpg Todd and I then enjoyed a lunch of fresh rice fed ducks  photo 1F748944-E86D-45AC-83B9-1E8BD9245DA9-10204-000009793D240D82.jpg freshly processed ducks  photo FFDAAE27-91D5-4BDB-9B3F-9ACAD06E82AB-10204-000009794B5CEC35.jpg Juanita showing the techniques of a properly waxed duck  photo IMG_0493-1_zps37b7b1c4.jpg guide Seth and dog Decoy coming to pick us up in the Argo  photo IMG_0491_zpsb2ebc72d.jpg I never saw Johnny swing a golf club but man can he shoot a 12 gauge  photo IMG_0470_zps982e1665.jpg The flooded rice field were duck and goose magnets  photo IMG_0452_zps0ec19282.jpg A mixed bag of ducks including the king Can  photo IMG_0448_zps820f7aff.jpg If you look closely you can see the waves of geese headed our way  photo E176DE7F-7FA3-46A1-A3BA-33C59DA6FAC2-10204-00000979638938A4.jpg I just don't think the whole hunting experience could get any better  photo IMG_0478_zpsfd75f860.jpg And then the sun went down on another duck season. It was a great season

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Anonymous said...

Spectacular trip for you Bishop!
Wow! that must have been the ultimate duck hunt for you.
Great pictures!