Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 photo IMG_0950_zpsa14ffe86.jpg Turkey Bowlers  photo IMG_0948_zpsa5000917.jpg Vipers pull out another close victory and rub it in with a Haka dance  photo IMG_0941_zps46993ed4.jpg It was a hard fought battle  photo IMG_0938_zps414a1e52.jpg Cousin Jeff hasn't slowed a bit  photo IMG_0935_zps711b4817.jpg Max Bizzle with a strong running game  photo IMG_0928_zpse17c5690.jpg Cute Clark Girls  photo IMG_0943_zps5bc96104.jpg Little Scoop  photo IMG_0953_zpsaef72093.jpg Traditional Day After Duck Hunt  photo IMG_2693_zps501f3461.jpg A few late November birds  photo IMG_0955_zpsd4155781.jpg Great to have Dad and Nan back in the blind with us. Much to be thankful for.

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jiss said...

It was a great thanksgiving. I think Ozzie enjoyed it the most as you can see in the first photo.