Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve Ice Fishing 12-24-2013

 photo IMG_0970_zps8f2c7e5a.jpg Maloy, Nate and I braved a cold snowy morning on the ice at the berry  photo IMG_0959_zps8799a1e3.jpg It was a cold ride to our spot  photo IMG_0976_zps520ab69d.jpg The cutthroats were hungry  photo IMG_0974_zpsd5df1741.jpg  photo IMG_0972_zps4b073264.jpg Some say this is madness  photo IMG_0960_zps03ec844d.jpg But they haven't seen a sunrise at the berry  photo IMG_0988_zps0e51715f.jpg Maloy and the Tokyo drift  photo IMG_0989_zpsc65f4f6f.jpg The sun finally came out as we were leaving  photo IMG_0986_zps0044ab2e.jpg Oak Lane Outfitters Nate Thomas  photo IMG_0982_zps1bec415f.jpg Love these Beauties

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Oleg said...

That's the way to get food for Christmas.