Sunday, September 29, 2013

High on the mountain top 9-25-2013

 photo IMG_0688_zpseb3f8203.jpg I spent the last few days chasing deer and elk with my good friends Mark Stephenson and Nate Thomas.  photo IMG_0680_zps31e82fe3.jpg Tucked away in the aspens was our camp  photo IMG_0691_zpsa4ac97f4.jpg Strawberry valley - one of my favorite places  photo IMG_0716_zps7a85102d.jpg Nates hard work and stressful days paid off with this great wasatch bull  photo IMG_0717_zpsa6518647.jpg Mark the master field dresser showing how its done  photo IMG_0733_zpsfab4963f.jpg Nate's Mission companion Tyler Hemingway shown here taking a breather after hauling a pack full of elk meat  photo IMG_0742_zps6aa0ef9b.jpg Just as we hit the top of the ridge the snow hit  photo IMG_0744_zpsf04b8f5c.jpg photo IMG_0747_zpse734ebeb.jpg Packed up camp and made it off the mountain  photo IMG_0751_zpsecdc336e.jpg Red Neckin  photo IMG_0759_zpse6dee644.jpg The next day found Mark and I chasing mule deer in the high country near our homes.  photo IMG_0760_zpsb9507aa0.jpg The tag went unfilled but the scenery and exercise was very fulfilling

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your legs and backs boyz! Great memories made in Gods Country! NATE