Monday, September 2, 2013

9-2-2013 Fall Fun

 photo IMG_7401_zps8159ee71.jpg We loaded up and headed south to ring in the hunting season with a great dove hunt  photo IMG_7406_zps37d640f2.jpg Cant wait for the BBQ  photo IMG_7371_zpscffc63b4.jpg With plenty of doves, we all came home with sore shoulders  photo IMG_7358_zpsbcd006eb.jpg Matthew and I teaming up on a dove  photo IMG_7352_zps8df0a5e6.jpg  photo IMG_7321_zpse2a2faef.jpg Chief had a heyday  photo IMG_7312_zpsd8d8b6ff.jpg It was a beautiful morning  photo IMG_7384_zps3b69d984.jpg Todd was in fine shooting form  photo IMG_7396_zps38848b5c.jpg Great to have Bake in the field

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