Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sweet July Reunions

 photo IMG_2364_zps0060271a.jpg After 3 years, it was great to have my dad back in the boat with us at the berry  photo IMG_0636_zps4c2f83fe.jpg With a new hat and a new rod, the rainbows tested his skills  photo IMG_0635_zps73c30278.jpg These two did some great work in St. Louis. Great to have them both on the water.  photo IMG_2361_zpsa1f3ccba.jpg Another great reunion of the Oak Hills 2nd ward from 86'-88'  photo IMG_0628_zps8c08f3bd.jpg We took the youth down to Lake Powell for a wonderful youth conference  photo IMG_2366_zpsc61f7672.jpg photo IMG_0631_zps1a5de4d8.jpg Even with the low water we had a great time and brought back memories of this spot  photo IMG_2344_zps6b0ec963.jpg I took a quick trip to Tuscaloosa. Home of the Tide  photo IMG_0625_zps9178f1b7.jpg We sent another missionary off to join the great cause. Way to go Shinz  photo IMG_2322_zps24348b4b.jpg And then the sun went down. Thanks Kelly

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Kelly said...

:)looks like a fantastic time with your dad back and on the lake! Glad I could make the one and only blog - feeling loved!