Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tradition 10-2012

Photobucket The annual Clark family deer hunt was another great time. Photobucket As tradition goes, we kicked things off with a cheeseburger basket at Ripples Photobucket The little dudes talking about what they will be for Halloween before they hit the trail Photobucket Our newcomer this year Luke Photobucket Anybody sweating yet? Photobucket Still a few aspens hanging on to the good weather Photobucket The apple doesn't fall far from the tree Photobucket We all can use a good tug up the 5.5 mile trail Photobucket What a view Photobucket Nates Turdbo tent didn't fare too well after being up there a month Photobucket Matthew and Maloy scoping shingle mill Photobucket The view at nearly 10,000 feet Photobucket Sometimes sneeking isn't the best technique Photobucket Good Friends sharing the high mountain air Photobucket Is he human Photobucket Photobucket Gotta love these dudes Photobucket The Nielson Boys ready to hit the trail home Photobucket Jesse, Buggo, Max headed home Photobucket Us too Photobucket Nate carried his turdbo tent the whole way Photobucket Shingle mill rest Photobucket Many Fathers to thank for this wonderful tradition


Anonymous said...

What? No comments? On the cutest deerhunt in Utah history? Look at all these little boys and their daddy's having the time of their lives. Thanks to all who took the time to make this memorable. Grandpa next year! Horses needed!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great Deer Camp! Lots of memories flooded my mind sitting up on the pass this year, man what a blessing to come home to good old Windy after a two year wait! Thanks to great friends, and amazing examples. Next year can't come fast enough! Thanks Matt!