Sunday, October 14, 2012

10-13-2012 Trip to Fish Springs

Photobucket Today we made the long trek out into the oasis in the desert Photobucket This place reminds me of my Dad and the great trips he took me on out there Photobucket Maloy with a double on our 2 favorite ducks Photobucket Matthew doing the army walk across the marsh to our duck blind Photobucket Nate doing some field training with his pup Tank Photobucket Chief doing what he loves to do Photobucket Did I mention how beautiful it is out there? Photobucket And the ducks were plentiful Photobucket It was a warm fall day with a little north breeze Photobucket Everyone including Matthew got in on the shooting Photobucket It was a great day for the dogs Photobucket And then the sun went down.


Anonymous said...

Matt thanks for the wonderful memories. My heart started to flutter when seeing Fish Springs again but we never did as well as you did what was the secret? Must have been a beautiful day and what a wonderful dad those boys have!

Anonymous said...

Fish Springs always reminds me of when we drove out there with Nan and Dad let her out of the car to chase some antelope. We didn't see her again until dark and then it was just a tender mercy that headed her back to our car.
Beautiful country!
Thanks for the wonderful happy pictures-except for the dead birds.