Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cold Weather Bird hunts 12-05-2009

Steve Earley and Peter Morgan of Zions Bank with a fine bag of mallards

Maloy with his Holiday Swan

A few ducks to boot


Anonymous said...

Came here via story on Stephanie in newspaper. Think you are an amazing and wonderful brother.

That said, I think this blog should be called Dead Things. I see you eat what you kill, yay for you. But are you sure the animals you kill are not suffering? Have some wounded escaped?

The pics of young boys glorying in the slaughter are a bit much.


Matt said...

Thanks for your view on things. I know you may find it hard to believe but my sons and I and those I hunt with have a deep respect and admiration for the animals we hunt. In no way would we ever do anything that would cause them intentional suffering. As for the picture of my young boys "glorying in the slaughter" as you say, I can assure you that the smiles on their faces come from much more than just a harvested animal.

c jane said...

Advantage goes to Matt.

Next round?