Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 09'

Started the weekend with an afternoon trip to the berry. Uncle Lin shows the results

Uncle Jesse on the board with a classic slot cutt

Calm afternoon on the berry in November is unheard of

Turkey Bowl Time as Matthew brings "the heat"

Lin surveys down the field

Vance for 6

Maloy with a shimmee and shake

Rodge turning on the jetts with Buggy in pursuit

Al eluding the blitz by his dad

Jesse climbing the ladder

Van at the helm

Clark with "butter fingers"

Jay Bird with some daylight

Layton showing his skillz

Everybody's a winner here

Traditional Thanksgiving duck hunt

Dave, Ron and Todd after a great mallard hunt

Duck Feast after the hunt

A picture is worth a thousand words


c jane said...

Once again, great photos!

Who invited the lumberjack to the Turkey bowl?

Matt said...

Jesse picked him up splitting logs on the farm.