Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A little ditty about my friend Joe

This is my good friend Joe Armstrong. Joe got in a fight with his Benelli last Saturday and got a fat lip.

Today Joe invited me on a duck hunt during a snow storm. It was great!!!

I shot a few, but Joe just doesn't miss

Chief came along as well and retrieved all our ducks

Joe always rewards Chief as shown here with a crumb donut

Joe is a master duck caller. Here he is calling in some ducks

Joe's results of his hunting expertise

Joe scanning the skies for that next flock to come in

Chief in action

Me by Joe's truck. It has enough gear in it for 10 duck hunters.

I hope when I am 75 I still have the same passion that Joe has for duck hunting. Here's to you Joe.

1 comment:

c jane said...


Are you sure Joe is 75?

I hope I look as young as Joe at 75.