Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deer Camp 2009 Oct 16-18

Traditional stop at Ripples for Lunch before the 5 mile hike

Deer Camp

Camp chef Vance brewing up a round of hot cakes "you the Man Vance"

Miles and O-Dawg sitting by the camp fire

Cobras-Vipers post game picture. Cobras racked the W

Say "No" to Crack uncle Jess

Nate Thomas shows off the impressive "Old Tumbler" that he bagged opening morning

Guides Lin "Doyle" Clark and Maloy "trash points" Clark show off their prize

Big and Little Jess admiring the wiley mule deer buck

Cousins Van and Clark share a bag of Dill Pickle Spitz

Good old "windy pass"

Christian and Vance sharing venison omelette recipes

Liver "AKA" Jim Craig sighting in the Red Ryder BB gun

Bugg-O getting ruffed up by his older cousins in a tent throw down match

The horse train packing deer camp out until next year

Another end to a great deer hunt with family


Anonymous said...

I couldn't love you more Matt Clark.
your mom

jesse said...

Thanks for a great hunt!!


NieNie said...

good pics...looks fun.

jesse said...

Andrew should start a guide service up on Windy, he always knows where the "hogs" are hiding.

Anonymous said...

Nice "crack" Jiss

Matt said...

Yes that Andre seems to always find the deer. Andre, Nate and I will do some pre season scouting for you if you start a guiding service. Keep us in mind

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt were all the brothers there?

c jane said...

Loved every picture, but maybe Liver's Red Rider one the most.

Thanks for sharing cheese fries tonight.

Matt said...

We had all the Clark brother's at deer camp but Steve jr. His deer hunting days ended long ago but we still think of him while we're up there.

Em and Jorg said...

Matt, I like how you give everyone nicknames! I'll always remember Rice-a and Mac-a across the street...

Great pix!