Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fish On at Strawberry 1-26-08

8 of us spent a beautiful day on the ice at Strawberry. All of us caught fish and had a wonderful time. The temperature was about 20 degrees which is balmy for the berry.
Dad with the only keeper and award for the smallest fish of the day.
Andy "rookie" Collins with the big fish of the day.
Me with by far the prettiest fish of the day.


Andy Collins said...

This was one of the enjoyable winter days I have had for a long long time. Now you have to go golfing with me in the summer.

Matt said...

You got it. Don't put your stuff away for the season quite yet. We are going to do a kids trip to Scofield where we can keep a few.

Andy Collins said...

I would love that. I'm a little disappointed in the results of the storm yesterday. Have Lin do a little more research.

c jane said...