Sunday, October 4, 2015

Duck Dynasty 10-3-2015

 photo IMG_0196_zpse6y3ywfg.jpg Matthew,Van and I made it out for the traditional duck hunt opener  photo IMG_0186_zpsutojuesq.jpg It was definitely a duck weather day  photo IMG_0187_zpsj7g8tb8o.jpg Chief and I hunkered down in a patch of phragmites  photo IMG_0188_zpsdnnxjqda.jpg Great to have Bake on board  photo IMG_0189_zps9y2yv91z.jpg Van too  photo IMG_0190_zpsnvbvar18.jpg Chief earned his room and board  photo IMG_0192_zpsyusgyz7q.jpg How's our hide?  photo IMG_0193_zpsya9hfpej.jpg Bake and a couple greenheads

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