Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1 Let the season begin

 photo IMG_1261_zps6f760195.jpg We loaded up and headed for Beaver for the annual dove hunt and kick off of the hunting season  photo IMG_1260_zps1749a2a8.jpg Great to have my 3 sons and Nate in the field  photo IMG_1269_zps7536fa48.jpg And of course Dad and field champ Nan  photo IMG_1270_zps2aba9753.jpg Chief and I wait a long time for this day to come  photo IMG_0274_zps384cfa54.jpg Not sure if the doves feel the same  photo IMG_0280_zpsfc43ac0e.jpg Nate and Tank enjoyed a morning of fast wingshooting  photo IMG_1255_zps968b0034.jpg Classic Todd Miller form  photo IMG_1252_zpsb645ea25.jpg A good bucket and a pocket full of 12 gauge shells  photo IMG_1251_zps0a15fbcb.jpg It was a chilly fall morning  photo IMG_1258_zpsaed34c31.jpg A Man and his dog  photo IMG_0277_zpsc9c07447.jpg Great traditions passed on from my Dad  photo IMG_0278_zpsb3beceed.jpg A great day

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