Sunday, November 10, 2013

11-09-2013 Basking at the Berry

 photo IMG_0909_zpse24f3bae.jpg Jackson Hart, Nate T, Andy Collins, Wyatt Collins and I enjoyed a perfect day at the Berry  photo IMG_0903_zps97032448.jpg The fishing was great, the sun was warm and plenty of laughs in the boat  photo IMG_0908_zpse177b833.jpg Andy shown here with a classic berry Cutt  photo IMG_0906_zps91321ca8.jpg Wyatt with his BFOD  photo IMG_0905_zps9724365f.jpg Oak Lane Outfitters and his G Grub's really got our poles bending  photo IMG_0907_zps352b51fb.jpg Jackson "fish on fish off" Hart  photo IMG_1554.jpg The sun is setting on the warm days of fishing at the berry. Soon we will be trekking across the frozen water in search of that hungry slot buster  photo IMG_2626_zps6aa47d85.jpg Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Smoke some Berry filets and he smiles for weeks


Brian Lee said...

That was a very happy moment. I never tried fishing yet but I would love to experience it... More informaiton on Texas Mule Deer Hunting Ranch

Gregory Stipe said...

A very special bonding moment. I always love having a memorable moments with my siblings.. Recommended information Alaska Hunting

Best Seattle Illustrator, view website said...

It's nice to have a family bonding like this and you get to enjoy the fish as well!