Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hunt Daaaaaaay! 10-19-2013

 photo IMG_2591_zps9c642afd.jpg Camel says it all  photo IMG_0858_zps79d5a697.jpg It was a great hunt this year as both Matthew and Maloy filled their tags  photo IMG_0843_zpsefe24d4d.jpg Maloy here with a great first buck  photo IMG_0813_zps5c93f5f9.jpg It was a bitter cold morning up in the snow covered mountains  photo IMG_0814_zpscd9c9d34.jpg After hitting he trail at 2:30am after Maloys game we were tuckered out  photo IMG_0811_zps38fb314d.jpg Once again Oak Lane Outfitters Nate Thomas put us on the bucks  photo IMG_0819_zps4560e0f2.jpg Maloy blazed the trail up through the snow  photo IMG_0822_zps7a407111.jpg Nate found the deer  photo IMG_0820_zpsa0ba52aa.jpg Matthew kept us going higher up the mountain  photo IMG_0825_zps3bf0eff6.jpg I hope Taysia will put some meat on Nathan's bones  photo IMG_0829_zps3e376287.jpg Bachelor pad  photo IMG_0831_zps5b3983a8.jpg Brewing up some Mt House  photo IMG_0836_zps246e117a.jpg Tuff Timer  photo IMG_0849_zps75d785dd.jpg First buck success  photo IMG_0857_zps75dee929.jpg Brothers with bucks and need of haircuts. Can you hook them up bo bins?  photo IMG_0864_zps4aa9db1d.jpg Pack it up pack it in  photo IMG_0865_zps702112f0.jpg Steep descent down  photo IMG_0866_zps63ce503d.jpg Love this country  photo IMG_0868_zpsb1d426d2.jpg We love this place and the memories we make each year. See you in 2014


Anonymous said...

It was one deer hunt i will always remember! Beautiful country with great peeps! Thanks matt! Nate

Anonymous said...

Great pics Matt!! I will work on fattening this boy up! :) -Taysia