Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back to the Berry 2-20-2010

The lunkers weren't too hungry but we coaxed in a few

First Timer Brian Thomas on the board

Mr. Strawberry himself-Nathan

Maloy has learned when the fishin is slow, head for them thar hills


Anonymous said...

A little R&R never hurt a Bishop!

Your mom

Anonymous said...


I SO get that you like to hunt, but do you have another blog that talks about the other things in your life, i.e., being a Bishop? What it is like to be a sibling of famous blogging sisters? I am very interested in your viewpoint, although the slaughter of the innocents kind of freaks me out!

A Canadian

And uh, sorry at beating you at hockey, eh?

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous, check out my

Matt said...

Are my sisters famous bloggers? I had no idea. Stephanie is learning from me that "More Pics and Less Words" is better but Courtney hasn't come around yet.

Thanks for the input

Alexi Wilcox said...

Haha fun stuff maloy!! i would do tht too!!