Saturday, December 12, 2009

Airboat hunt on the Great Salt Lake

Today we went out 15 miles on the great salt lake to hunt ducks. What an adventure. Shown here: Todd Miller, Me and Darin Dewsnup

These are the coffin blinds that we lay in while hunting. The water is 8" deep and it gets cold.

Todd shown here in front of a few of the 400 silhouette decoys we put out. The teal never showed up like we hoped.

Staying warm is the name of the game. Hunting the salt water was a whole new experience. Thank goodness for a GPS to guide us home as a snow storm socked in on us.

Darin's airboat is an amazing machine. Riding over snow,ice,mud,weeds you name it and this boat will go over it at a high rate of speed. For me, riding in this boat was the highlight.


Darin D said...

Matt, It was fun going out with you guys. Guess we'll have to get the teal on the next go around. In on of those pictures, someone is shooting a duck behind you!
Cool video. That's the first time I've heard my boat running.

Talk with you soon.


Matt said...


Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't recognize Dave with a bead on that golden eye.

Thanks again for the great time.

Anonymous said...

This wasn't fun was it? You weren't in heaven were you? It didn't matter if you were cold or lost did it? Merry Christmas to my daring brave son who is in his element in these pictures!
I love you,
p.s. way to go Joe!