Monday, November 9, 2009

We Love Football

Katy and I with Van after a big win over Spanish Fork in the State quarter finals.

Maloy here "laying the wood" to a wasatch player
Matthew getting his cleats tied by his coach. Big ups to all coaches.

Van on a punt return
Maloy takes the swing pass for a large gainer

Matthew in his 3 point stance

Van shown here in the traditional T-bird playoff hair dew

Maloy in pursuit
Van eluding the bulldog defense
Fair catch or not?
Covey to Clark connection. Plenty of that to come


Anonymous said...

Thank you Clark boys for being chips off the old block! Umi is so proud of all of you. Beautiful photos Matt. Go Birds!!!!

Laura said...

great pictures! great players! what fun to see!

c jane said...

Were those your shots? Wow. Good stuff. Van's hair needs an award of some sort.

p.s. How do you get Umi to comment on your blog?

Matt said...

I must give credit where credit is due. No I did not take those shots my great sister in law and the boys biggest fan Margaret did.

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