Sunday, October 4, 2009

Best Weekend of the Year Oct 09

With great anticipation, the opening day of duck season finally arrives

Here are the participants






The results

This is how we "roll" to the duck blind

The 8:00 am shooting time takes forever to get here

Matthew is our "treat" coordinator

Birds on the wing but instead of ducks these were pelicans

Chief doing what he does best

Getting our ducks checked by a very friendly DWR biologist

Traditional opening day lunch for a Big H Combo at Hires

Nap time is next

That 5:00 am wake up call is a killer

Off to the Priesthood session

Matthew prepares the delicious ducks for dinner

On the Bar-Bee they go

Harriet in on the action

Who says duck doesn't taste good?

Not us. What a great weekend


Anonymous said...

WOW! You brothers had a great time and as a result you brought home the bacon! The pictures are wonderful--my favorite of course, is the priesthood session photo,even if Dad looked a little "shady". I love each and every one of you and Grandpa is licking his chops.

Lindsay said...

I believe I say ducks don't taste good.

Dad said...

My wife sent me over to this blog. Looks like a great haul! I've never tried hunting waterfowl but it's on the to do list. Hopefully when my kids get a little older we can have a good set of pictures like that.


Matt said...

Thanks for the comments.

Dad-if you're in the area, give me a call and we'll take you out.