Saturday, March 21, 2009

Last trip of the year

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Anonymous said...

How can you base an entire blog around killing things? Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Hi, Matt,

I am the anonymous of the previous comment. I DO appreciate how honest you are with your blog, i.e., titling it "Matt Goes Hunting."

I came here (from an eastern Canadian province) through Stephanie's story; and I also love Jane's blog. As I read it, they both aspire to the vegetarian life for health and moral reasons; though Jane has termed herself a "flexatarian," a viewpoint that I am totally in sympathy with as the easily available protein from animal meat is best at times. However, you say you eat all the meat you kill. Do you really? I see sometimes 20 birds in your blog photos. Swans? Do you eat swans? Do these birds suffer when shot? Do they die immediately or are they in pain?

Matt said...


Next time your in the Provo area let me know and I'll Barbee up a few ducks and a trout for you. Swans aren't my favorite but none of the animals we hunt go to waste. As far as suffering, I hope not. I try and make sure we take close shot which ensure clean kills.

P.S I almost got Stephanie to eat some venison last night. I'll keep trying.

Chaka said...

Matt, I have never been hunting but it's not because of moral reasons. I'm too scared to touch or clean a dead animal. It looks like you have a great time with your family on your hunting trips.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, same anonymous. Sorry to be a pest.

Great time with family, I totally agree, and it looks like you are a great dad and family man.

How about a new Rebel XTi for your young guys as opposed to a gun to capture them there animals?

Matt said...

My daughter has a Rebel XTi and loves taking pictures. Here is my offer to you Anonymus; Come and go out with us and see first hand if it is really as bad as you think. I have a hunch you have probably never been hunting before.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you would be right on that point, I have never been hunting. However, I have seen the light fade in an animal's eyes as it dies, and I can't think there would be much joy in that. I guess, Matt, if you were hunting because of hunger and need, I would understand that. The numbers of the animals, the display of them like trophies and the using what is essentially a slaughter as a family bonding experience is what makes me uncomfortable. Thank you for engaging in discussion on this, I appreciate your time and your understanding.

Kelly said...

I would say that you really shouldn't judge until you have experienced something. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Someone called me a beast once on my blog comments. I am pretty sure if she really knew me she wouldn't say that. So I didn't really give her much of a chance to engage with me. Too embarrassing for her.

Keep up the hunt Matt! Just don't invite me along cause... gross!