Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back to the Berry 2-21-09

Van works on his tan
Lookin plush out on the slush
High on a mountain view, you see us just a few
Chandler dons his Ute, while Morgan displays her beaut
You stick dead minnows on the pole, and fish come out of the hole.
Another picture of a fish, no more of these pictures is mommy's wish.
This is a beautiful strawberry cut, this one seemed to be nipped in the butt.
Bird man shows what he can do, after baiting a pole or two.
Paul's the champ, a patient dad, Morgan thinks he's pretty rad.

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Fraser's and Co. said...

Love the picture of VAN!!! My long lost student. Tell Van and Lindsey their favorite math teacher says HELLO. Looks like Blue Man group was great fun. Found your blog on Nie-Nie's. Tell your wife Tonia Fraser said hello.