Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 08'

Thanksgiving Mallards
Traditional day after Thanksgiving Hunt

Doug Fillmore, Dave Strunk and Brian Ashton

Reunion in the Marsh


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great birthday hunt.

Anonymous said...

Just a question, do you eat the duck meat or do you hunt simply for sport?

Matt said...

No we eat it. In fact last night we had a duck feast with the BYU golf team and several others. My 5 year old Harriet is a huge fan. Wild duck is much better than the farm raised duck.

Anonymous said...

Can you really call yourself a conservationist and kill so many animals? Do you know what the scriptures say about needless killing?
What about the Word of Wisdom?

Matt said...


I have this discussion all the time with my Mom the councilwoman. If you really want to discuss conservation and the word of wisdom send me an email. I would be happy to discuss the concerns you have about my pictures.

Chaka said...

Cool blog Matt. I never knew you were such an avid hunter. I'm glad to see you still get do to stuff with old High School friends. Tom.

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