Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holy cow look who's turning 40!

Happy Birthday!
He's so excited to finally turn 40!

Who he's spent 18 of his 40 years with

This is a surprise and a tribute to our "Pops" who is celebrating a birthday today! Here is a little poem we have come up with to honor him...
Roses are red. violets are blue,
Our dad's turning 40, so shout yahoo!
We love him so much and wish him another 40 more years of happiness!
-Your family


Em and Jorg said...

COOL poem... Happy Birthday, Matt!! 40 looks good on you. And your wife is HOT!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Matt!! I could have sworn you were only 30... but I guess that would've made you 14 when Van was born.... 40 looks good!

Laura said...

happy happy! hope you got a fabulous celebration!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Matt! xo Rodge, Lisa, and kids!

Vicki said...

Vicki Thompson O'Brien here. I've been snooping on your blog since I saw Page and your other sibs on the Today show. I'm sorry to hear about your sister and her husband. I found your blog from C Jane's.

When I saw you and Katy it brought back so many memories. I was sad to have missed our (mine and Katy's) 20 year reunion this past summer. It would have been great to see you both.

Your kids are darling and Katy looks amazing. Please tell her hi from us. We have a blog as well if you are interested. It's lacking on the hunting pictures, but you can see what we're up to. It's

Take care and Happy Birthday. Vicki and Rusty O'Brien

Andrew said...

Okefanookee swamp picture for sure. Happy Birthday,Love Lin