Monday, October 27, 2008

high school reunion class of 87' in the blind

Good Friend Aaron Trammell and I got out for a warm weather hunt


Kelly said...

Too bad Sheree Whiting couldn't have been there with you. I see you hunt with Todd Eslpin as well. Next time you see him tell him thanks for recommending me to my future spouse that day long ago in the 8th ward. I forgot to tell him that at the real PHS '87 reunion.


Matt said...

Kelly Whatcott is that you dropping the Sheree Whiting name? That's classic. Add a Michelle Stewart to the mix and duck hunting would never be the same. I don't think Todd is a hunter but I see him quite a bit. I'll let him know how pleased you are with your eternal companion.

Kelly said...

Yes that is me. And I am happy with my eternal mate-he's in Iraq right now for 6 months. He's there with Sarah Palin's son in the same brigade. Maybe he'll get to treat Track's splinters or something. He's the Doc assigned to them.

I have been following your family's blogs since the August plane crash. I really enjoy Courtney's. Yours is just boring pictures (sorry), but I did enjoy seeing how tall Aaron Trammel turned out : )

Thanks for passing my comment on to Todd.