Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stephanie and Christian

This is a picture of my sister Stephanie and her husband Christian. Saturday evening they were involved in a plane crash that has left both of them in serious condition. Please remember them in your prayers. Thanks


shannon said...

They are definitely in our prayers.
We love you guys.

Emily said...

We're so sorry to hear that, they are in our prayers. Jon and Emily

Laura L said...

We're praying for them too.

Wanted to make sure you saw this: one of my favorite bloggers is putting out the call for prayers as well. The comments are especially touching.

Matt said...


Thanks so much. Your favorite Blogger married a good friend of the Clark family who knows my sister Stephanie very well. We love you guys

Morgan said...

We love your family, Matt, and are praying and watching on the sidelines, trying not to get in the way, but checking y'all's blogs and sending e-mail updates all around to each other behind the scenes. Prayers and fasting for Stephanie and Christian, their family, and the family of the pilot.