Sunday, December 2, 2007

Let It Snow

Bryan Bayles,Carl Duke and myself enjoyed a beautiful snowy morning hunting ducks at Bailey Lake


Dukefamily5 said...


I stole your pictures to put on my families blog...I need the evidence because no one believes that I went hunting much less actually got something!

How can I thank you enough, I NEVER would have thought duck hunting could be so much fun. It would not have been 1/2 as fun without such a gracious host. Thank you for such a wonderful morning and for all your trouble in taking Bryan and I out. However, if you could I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone how many ducks got away from me!

Thanks again!!!!


Matt said...

Thanks for the kind words Carl. I too had a great time. For a couple of "1st timers" you guys were impressive. I think you both have some duck blood in you. Lets do it again soon.